Weed Management

  • In Mudumalai Tiger Reserve, the dominant weeds are Lantana camera, Eupatorium sp., and Parthenium. These weeds need to be cleared so as to restore the grass land for herbivores.

  • Therefore, with the funding assistance from Central and State Government Schemes, a considerable area of weed has been cleared in recent years with respect to the carrying capacity of Tigers.

  • In view of the above, activity the population of herbivores have increased as evident from the result of Phase IV Monitoring.

Water Management

  • Water is the key component for wildlife. Though, there are natural/ perennial water sources in the form of rivers, reservoirs, swamps etc establishment of artificial structures in the form of percolation ponds and maintenance of existing water bodies in recent years ensured a good source of water for wildlife.

  • Further, during pinch period, water is being poured into the water troughs for use of wild animals.

Fire Management

  • By engaging a large number of fire watchers during the fire season, swift action is being taken up to mitigate the Forest fires, thereby saving a large area of the Forest.